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We are in the process of putting together a new format called "Country Rock"

We will evenutally have a stream up where you can hear the great songs you remember and some new ones to make you "Boogie"
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More to come soon.

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February 9, 2014

New Year & New Developments For 2014

It was unfortunate we were not able to contiune the annual New Years Eve Live from The West Coast Worldwide Radio Show of Jason Jeffries & Friends!

The radio station platform we were using decided to ceast operation in November last year.

My first concert of 2014 was the Eagles at the newely opened Los Angeles Forum in Inglewwod, Ca. The addition of Bernie Leadon original member had a very positive effct on me. It actually started a few years back when I saw Buffalo Springfield with Richie Furray, Stephen Stills, and Neil Young at the Santa Barbara Bowl. There is still a huge audience that enjoys "Country Rock" but there's no where to find it in it's original form.

I'm in the beginning stages of putting JJ Radio back on the air in a limited, part-time capacity focusing on "Country Rock" and hopefully bridging the gap betweeen generations and bringing back several legendary radio personalities such as Larry Woodside, Jimmy Rabbitt, and Damion who understand the passion for this music and were there at the begining of L.A's Country Rock scene. Letting each DJ have a blank canvas and paint the creative pictures with music. Making radio listening fun, entertaining, and stimulating for your brain.

More to come soon. Thank you for checking us out!

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December 29, 2012

Jason Jeffries and Freinds Are Back!

Jason Jeffries and Freinds returns to worldwide Internet radio this Monday night with the 7th annual New Years Eve show Live From The West Coast featuring one giant party of music, fun, and special guests. Don't miss it 8PM to 1AM PST. Streaming on www.errorfm.com

Jason comes home to Errror FM for the holidays and maybe more!

Stay tuned for more details!

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November 29, 2011

Who, What, When, Where, Why JJ Radio?
Who is Jason Jeffries? Canadian born Jason Jeffries is a musicologist and has extensive experience in radio. He has worked in the Los Angeles radio market for the past twenty years as a DJ, Program Director and Station Manager. He is a Certified Radio Marketing Consultant with a knowledgeable programming, sales and marketing background. He is also known as celebrity engineer to the stars. Jason has worked at many Los Angeles radio stations including KRLA, KLSX, KRTH, KFWB, KWIZ, KWNK, and KBET. In addition, Jason has also consulted a few radio stations. In his free time, Jason enjoys concerts, golf, cycling, and traveling.
What is JJRadio? JJRadio is a unique format dedicated to musicians & artists of the rock era. We play the music of the 70's, 80's and today. It is designed and presented from a fans point of view and has no restrictions, no play lists, and no consultants. Our library of music consists of 5,000 CD’s and 10,000 records – if we can find it, we’ll play it. Your requests and suggestions are vital. JJRadio was developed to help musicians & artists expose their careers and to educate listeners of new music being released in 2013.
When is JJRadio on? Selected times and stations.

Where is JJRadio heard? All over the world, broadcasting live from the West Coast of America!

Why JJRadio? Because "It's All About the Music and the Artists"
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November 28, 2011

The artists and performers we grew up with are talking about us!

Tommy Tutone: "Guys like Jason Jeffries help us get the music to the fans." www.tutone.com
Bonnie Tyler: "Thank you for playing my muisc in America." www.bonnietyler.com
Markie Ramone: "Thanks a lot Man!" www.ramones.com
Tommy James: "Very nice, you did your homework and the interview came out beautiful." www.tommyjames.com
Ray Parker Jr.: "Thank you, Jason" www.rayparkerjr.com
Gil Bridges of Rare Earth: "Thanks for playing our music, you'll be the first to get our new CD." www.rareearth.com
Chris Thompson of Manfred Manns Earth Band: "Smashing time, thanks Jason!" www.christhompson-central.com
Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling: Thank you, spell my name right, it's Joke Man with a space." www.jokeland.com
Benny Mardones: It's been one of my favorite interviews, I've ever done! www.bennymardones.com
Jamie K. Sims of the Cosmopolitans: Thanks for the wonderful interview experience. It was a pleasure talking with you. www.deaconlight.com
Robert Lamm of Chicago: Thank you, Jason! www.robertlamm.org
Thomas Dolby: "Jason, Thank you for the time!" www.thomasdolby.com
Bertie Higgins: "This is an incredible interview. Jason, I thank you." www.bertiehiggins.com
Larry Burnett formerly of Firefall: "Jason, you my friend are a breath of fresh air compared to the usual radio guys I've spoken with over the years." www.larryburnett.com
Bobby Hart of Boyce & Hart: "An interview and retrospective on radio like no other, thank you Jason for doing your homework." www.bobbyhart.net
Dan Peek formerly of America: "Your depth of knowledge and contagious enthusiasm about the music is incredible." www.danpeek.com
Jim Peterik of the Ides of March/Survivor: "Jason you’re a great, knowledgeable interviewer and I appreciate that." www.jimpeterik.com
Jock Bartley of Firefall: "A Very Heartfelt Thanks to you, I thank you Jason for plugging us and all the kind words." www.jockbartley.com
Danny Klein of the J. Geils Band/Stonecrazy: "Jason, listened to the show, It was GREAT! Thanks for playing all the cuts especially Stonecrazy." www.dannyklein.com
Al Stewart: "Thank you for a delightful time and playing my first single, the Elf. What a shocking suprise." www.alstewart.com
Al Kooper: "Thank you, Jason" www.alkooper.com
Robert Bradley: "Thanks a lot Jason. I appreciate the interview." www.robertbradleymusic.com
William Devaughn: "I aprreciate you Jason to the utmost from my heart, I just wanted to say that on the air and let all the fans know." www.amazon.com/gp/music/artist/William_DeVaughn/B000APVIVU/103-5034895-7442248
Larry Baran: "Thank you for promoting my music" www.mightymoonmen.com
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